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National On-Demand Webinar Library--AVAILABLE NOW

Library of Webinar Presentations

Howie is continually invited to provide national and international webinars in his areas of expertise. Whenever possible, he places the webinar recordings, and their related handouts and materials, into a Webinar Library that is available on an annual subscription basis. Subscribers get unlimited access to all of the webinars in the password-protected library—which is continually updated or expanded. While access and passwords are non-transferable (due to Federal Copyright law), webinars can be projected directly from the Library for group viewing.

Below are the current holdings in the Library, and brief descriptions.

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Current Webinars in the Library

  • Enhancing Trauma Stress-Sensitive Schools: Addressing Students' Multi-Tiered Emotional Self-Regulation Needs [Expanded Webinar for the National Association of School Psychologists; July 8, 2020]
  • Teaching Students Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Self-Control and Self-Management Skills: Applying This Instruction to Students with Challenging Behavior   [Insights to Behavior; June 17, 2020]
  • Ten Multi-Tiered Practices that Explain Why Students Ain't Learning  [Step X Step "Straight Talk" International Conference; May 28, 2020]
  • Solving the Disproportionality Dilemma through an Effective School Discipline, Classroom Management, and Student Self-Management System   [Insights to Behavior; April 15, 2020]

Other Recent Presentations in the Webinar Library
  • An ESEA Guide to Strategic Planning, Shared Leadership, and Student Success  [Creative Leadership Solutions]
  • Planning Your Multi-Tiered (MTSS) Services for Next Year by Analyzing Your Current Students' Needs Today  [Creative Leadership Solutions]
  • Building Academic and Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Progress for All Students  [PresenceLearning]
  • SEL: Critical Steps to Implementing a Comprehensive School-Wide Evidence-Based Program  [Illuminate Education; with Dr. Chris Balow]
  • Conducting Quarterly Student Achievement Review (Q-STAR) Meetings: An Early Identification & ESSA Progress Monitoring Approach [Illuminate Education; with Dr. Chris Balow]

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