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Our continuous school improvement process uses strategic planning, organizational assessment, professional development, and staff capacity/resource building to maximize the academic and social, emotional, and behavioral success of all students. This is accomplished by providing effective instruction to all students in these areas, while also providing strategic or intensive additional instruction or intervention to at-risk, underachieving, unresponsive, and unsuccessful students who are not responding to this effective instruction.

The foundation to this process is:

  • Effective and differentiated classroom instruction, complemented with . . .
  • Positive and successful classroom management, that . . .
  • Is delivered by highly qualified teachers who have . . .
  • Administrators, instructional support and related services staff, and other consultants available to them to support these classroom, grade-level or unit, and school processes.
Some of the most-essential components include:
  • Data-driven Leadership
  • Core Curricula (guided by the Common Core and State Proficiency Standards)
  • Positive Academic Supports and Services
  • Positive Behavioral Support Systems
  • Professional Development and Mentoring
  • Parent and Community Outreach
  • Academic Instruction, Assessment, and Intervention
  • Behavioral Instruction, Assessment, and Intervention
  • The Multi-Tiered Service and Support (Response-to-Instruction and Intervention) process