Free Webinar: The Stop & Think Parent Program

The Stop & Think Parenting Book: A Guide to Children's Good Behavior

   This Award Winning electronic book--accompanied by its 9-session DVD--shows parents how to implement the nationally acclaimed Stop & Think Social Skills program at home for children from preschool through early adolescence.

   The FREE 46-minute Webinar below provides parents, parent trainers, counselors, social workers, school psychologists, and others with an overview that explains why and how this program has worked for parents nation-wide for over 20 years.

   The Stop and Think Parenting Book: A Guide to Children's Good Behavior is based on the nationally acclaimed and evidence-based Stop & Think Social Skills Program.  Accompanied by its 75-minute demonstration DVD (showing real parents helping their own children respond to many common home situations—turning off the TV to do homework, dealing with losing, sibling rivalry, going to bed at night), this Program teaches parents how to teach their children the interpersonal, problem solving, and conflict resolution skills that will help them succeed at home and in other settings. 

    Focusing on the preschool to late elementary school age span, the Stop & Think Parenting Book helps teach children over 20 important behavioral skills—Listening, Following Directions, How to Interrupt, Accepting Consequences and Apologizing,  Dealing with Teasing, How to Handle Peer Pressure—and how to use them in real life.

   This FREE 46-minute webinar provides an overview of the Stop & Think Parenting Book, and why this process has been so popular and successful for parents across the country for over 20 years. The webinar includes three clips from the DVD. And it provides a great introduction to how to help children and early adolescents learn and demonstrate "good behavior" at home, with siblings and peers, and at school and in the community.

    Here's an Overview of the Free Webinar:
  • The Importance and Outcomes of Parent Training
  • Overview of the Stop & Think Social Skills Parenting Book
  • Principles for Teaching Children Self-Management Skills
  • Teaching the Stop & Think Language and Specific Social Skills
    Webinar Handout:

2 16 Bonus Session Stop & Think Parenting Handout 3 2022.pdf

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