Consulting Services: Positive Behavioral Supports


School Discipline, Classroom Management, and Student Self-Management

Through Project ACHIEVE, Howie has been working (and writing--see his best-selling Corwin Press book) in the area of school discipline since 1990, and Project ACHIEVE's Positive Behavioral Support System (PBSS) model is used by thousands of schools--in every state across the country--as their PBIS, SEL, or school-wide discipline approach.

With ESEA/ESSA's greater emphasis on the social, emotional, and behavioral student outcomes, schools and districts need to more explicitly focus on the following areas:

  • School safety and prevention
  • Positive school culture and classroom climate
  • Classroom discipline and behavior management
  • Student engagement and self-management
  • Teasing, bullying, harassment, and physical aggression
  • Office discipline referrals and suspensions/expulsions
  • Disproportionality and effective approaches to replace abandoned zero tolerance policies
  • Providing multi-tiered interventions for students with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges
  • Preventing and responding to students’ mental health status and needs

Project ACHIEVE's evidence-based PBSS approach involves students, staff, administration, and parents. Together, we build and strengthen (a) students' interpersonal, social problem-solving, conflict prevention and resolution, and emotional control and coping self-management skills and interactions; (b) positive, safe, supportive, and consistent school climates and settings; and (c) school and district multi-tiered capacity such that the entire process becomes self-sustaining.

VIDEO: Educators Describing their Successes with Project ACHIEVE's Positive Behavioral Support System

School Discipline and PBSS (PBIS/SEL) Services:

  • Strategic Planning and Organizational Readiness activities
  • School Discipline Team Involvement
  • Parent and Community Outreach and Involvement
  • Classroom, Grade-level, and Staff Buy-in and Consistency
  • Student Engagement, Buy-In, and Involvement
  • Creating Safe and Positive School (Common Area) and Classroom Settings and Climates
  • Setting Behavioral Expectations linked to Social Skills (SEL) Training and Implementation
  • Student Motivation and Accountability
  • Prevention and Intervention for Teasing, Taunting, Bullying, Harassment, Hazing, and Physical Aggression
  • Crisis Prevention, Intervention, and Response
  • Strategic and Intensive Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Interventions for Challenging (including 504 and IEP) Students
  • School-based or linked Mental Health Services
  • Evaluation, Data Management, and Outcome Assessments