News: School Shootings

School Climate, Student Voice, On-Campus Shootings, and now Corporal Punishment??? (Part III)

Listening to Students—When They Make Sense; and Not Listening to Students—When They’re Ready to KillDear Colleagues,IntroductionI honestly was not planning a Part III to this Series—a Series that was...

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School Shootings, Comprehensive Prevention, Mandatory (Mental Health) Reporting, and Standardized Threat Assessments (Part II)

What Schools, Staff, and Students Need to Do, and The Help that They Need to Do ItDear Colleagues,IntroductionToo many times during my career, I have heard school staff members across the country stat...

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School Shootings: History Keeps Repeating Itself (Part I)

What We Already Know, and What Schools, Staff, and Students Need to DoDear Colleagues,IntroductionJanuary 3:  St. John’s, MI (East Olive Elementary School)January 4:  Seattle, WA (...

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