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The Art of Doubling Down: How the U.S. Department of Education Creates Grant Programs to Fund and Validate its own Frameworks

Call Congress:  The Tainting of RtI, PBIS, MTSS, and SELDear Colleagues,Introduction   In Poker, a player “doubles down” when they have a losing hand, but they want the other players to...

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A New Federal Report Documents What Low-Performing are NOT Doing to Succeed

The Problem? The U.S. Department of Education's School Improvement Practices do not Guide Real SuccessMoving Toward Solutions: 12 Questions that WILL Guide School Improvement SuccessOver the past week...

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Approaches to Eliminate Disproportionality: New Study Reinforces State-wide Student Discipline Inequities

Just Released U.S. Department of Education Study:Minority and Special Education Students are Disproportionately Suspended and Expelled across ALL Maryland Counties from 2009-2012 …There ARE Solutions...

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