News: Chronically Absent Students

School Improvement, Strategic Planning, and Effective School and Schooling Policies and Practices

Building Strong Schools to Strengthen Student Outcomes—A Summer Review of Previous Blogs (I of IV)Dear Colleagues,IntroductionWhile some of you are still working, most educators are off “for summer va...

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Braiding Five Critical Concerns for Children: Reading Instruction, Grade Retention, Skill Remediation, Response-to-Intervention, and Chronic Absences

Why Effective Practice Needs to Dictate Good Policy (Rather than the Other Way Around)Dear Colleague,There are times in education where we get so focused on the individual trees in our forest, that we...

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How to Improve your Chronically Absent Students’ Attendance… During the Summer Break

Why Now is the Best Time to Analyze, Understand, Plan, and Implement Strategic Interventions for your Most-Absent StudentsDear Colleagues,Earlier this year, on March 20th, I asserted that (grade) Rete...

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