News: State Standards or Benchmark Exams

ESEA/ESSA, School Improvement, Race/Ethnic Status, and Students with Disabilities

We Need to Differentiate Disability Just as We Differentiate Race and EthnicityDear Colleague,IntroductionHistorically, the 2001 No Child Left Behind version of the Elementary and Secondary Education...

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Is Your Strategic Plan Focused on Outcomes… or Just a Direction?

There are “Many Roads to Rome”—but You Need an Address and a GPS to Get ThereDear Colleagues,As the saying goes, “There are many roads to Rome.” And that is true.But after traveling in Italy this summ...

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Correcting the Flaws: The Feds’ Thinking on Academic Proficiency and Results Driven Accountability

Connecting and Correcting the Flaws in (ESEA's) High Stakes Proficiency Assessments of Students' Academic Achievement and (OSEP's) the New Special Education Results Driven Accountability SystemDear Co...

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