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Preschoolers Most Suspended Age Group: New Report and What It Means for You

New U.S. Department of Education Report Just Released: New Office for Civil Rights Report Reveals that African American and Male Preschool Students are Disproportionately Suspended from PreschoolDear...

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Approaches to Eliminate Disproportionality: New Study Reinforces State-wide Student Discipline Inequities

Just Released U.S. Department of Education Study:Minority and Special Education Students are Disproportionately Suspended and Expelled across ALL Maryland Counties from 2009-2012 …There ARE Solutions...

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The National Council on Teacher Quality and The New York Times:

Teacher Training Programs NOT Preparing New Teachers in Classroom Management, and Zero Tolerance Procedures for School Discipline Do not WorkDear Colleagues,As we remember the children and staff who l...

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