6 blog posts in 2020

Rethinking Your Personal, Professional, and Partnership Goals During CoVid-19’s “Lifestyle Sequestration”

Disruptive Innovation and Redefining What is Truly ImportantA Video IntroductionDear Colleagues,Introduction   As I write this week’s Blog, there is no way to avoid or ignore our c...

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Underachieving, Unresponsive, Unsuccessful, Disabled, and Failing Readers (Part II)

Diagnostic Assessment Must Link to Intervention: If We Don’t Know “Why,” We Can’t Know “What”Dear Colleagues,Introduction   Last month, I was asked to lead an Invited Workshop on “Academic I...

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Literacy Instruction and Student Reading Proficiency: The Multi-Tiered Whole Must be Greater than the Sum of Its Disconnected Parts (Part I)

How a Comprehensive Blueprint Prevents Isolated Solutions and Inconsistent ResultsDear Colleagues,Introduction   Well. . . “all of a sudden,” there has been a nationwide rush of policy, publ...

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Did a Misguided U.S. Department of Education E-mail “Confirm” Its Improper Favoritism of the PBIS Behavioral Framework?

Using the School Climate Transformation Grant to Misrepresent, Re-Brand, and Strong-Arm Educators toward Only "Department-Approved" PBIS ConsultantsDear Colleagues,Introduction   I actu...

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Mindfulness & Meditation Will NOT Change Students’ Emotional Volatility or Immediate Reactions to Trauma

The Neurological Science Does Not Add Up—Another Fad & More Wasted Time in Pursuit of a Silver Bullet (Part II)Dear Colleagues,Introduction   Our last Blog message (January 11, 2020) was the first in...

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Trauma-Informed Schools: New Research Study Says “There’s No Research”

Schools “Hitch-Up” to Another Bandwagon that is Wasting Time and Delaying Recommended Scientifically-Proven Services (Part I)Dear Colleagues,Introduction   While most educators know that they are supp...

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